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On June 23, 2011 my two week old Facebook “Fan” Page and I attended our very first Fan Page Networking Party. We felt like the new kid at school going to a popular girl’s birthday party! Awkward yet excited!

Then, a mere six days after attending and participating in the party,  I had 30 reasons to “Like” this kind of social networking event. Those 30 reasons are the thirty new followers and colleagues my fledgling Page had received during and in the days following the event! OK, OK,  I know 30 new followers doesn’t sound like a big deal to you Fan Pages with thousands of followers, but my Page wants to remind your Page that 30 new followers was once a big deal to you too, remember?


I’m a student of the amazing Jo Barnes and a founding member of The Social Networking Academy. One of the strategies she teaches in the SNA to use to grow your following on your Fan Page is to host live events on your page.

So the lovely Cathie Brown (also a Jo Barnes student) has been hosting these “Networking Parties” the last few weeks. She invites a successful marketer, who is using social media successfully, to attend so the attendees can ask that person questions about anything, but mostly about growing our fledgling little Pages to uber-mega Pages like theirs.

Last week’s guest was Rosh Khan, the CEO and Founder of Social Rank a Social Media Marketing firm in NYC. He was very informative and helped with questions about our Facebook Pages.

This week Cathie’s guest was Keith Everett, a very successful internet marketer, business coach and jokester extraordinaire!

(Side Note: Keith has an amazing coaching off at his blog right now…screaming good deal! No that’s not an affiliate link, just a great deal you should know about).

The Networking….

A lot of us attending these parties are newer Pages trying to connect with others and build our own Pages’ following! It’s working for Cathie. During today’s party she announced her Facebook Page’s Edgerank had more than doubled in the last week since her last party. Pretty awesome.

My own results are shown in the screenshots below….not too shabby, for a start!

Before the Party…

My new Facebook “Fan” Page Social Media With Meg McCormick had been liked by all of thirty one Fans (some of them my friends and family who are wonderfully supportive of all my entrepreneurial adventures, thanks guys). This screen shot was taken on June 23, 2011.

This is a screen shot of my Page’s Insight data on June 23, 2011. Note the Post views at 483 and post feedback at only 4. That’s a big bummer because your Page’s Edgerank is affected by the amount of interaction your fans have with your posts.  Note that the date says 6/21/11 but that’s because the Insight data always shows two days delayed from the day you are looking at it.

During the Party…

While the party is going on we are basically Liking each other’s Pages and asking questions and responding to other people’s questions about our Facebook Pages and sharing tips and strategies.  I had two computers on, one to Like the participant’s Pages as my personal profile, so their Like count would go up (if you Like a Page as your Page, it doesn’t increase their Like count). My other computer I was Liking everyone’s pages as my Page, so in the future my posts will show up on their News Feeds.  In this screen shot below it shows me Sharing about the party in real time, in case any of my vast following of 31 fans wanted to join in!

After the Party…

During the party I saw my Like’s go up as well as many comments and Likes on my Page’s content. Then four days after the party check out what had happened to my Insights data! Monthly active users up my 20,000% and look at those Post Views and Post Feedback! This will really give my Page a kick start in developing its Edgerank.

There was also a ripple effect as more people kept Liking my Page for days after the event.  By the time I took these screen shots six days later my Like count had doubled to sixty one fans.


My conclusion is that participating in Fan Page Networking Parties is well worth the hour of your time to be on your Page interacting in real time with others in your niche or in the same field you’re in.  You’ll grow your following, connect with others, start developing some valuable professional relationships and basically have a really good time.


I highly recommend you check out the folks that I linked to earlier in the article.  They are all awesome teachers and if you scroll back up there are the links with their names, but here are the links again: Jo Barnes founder of The Social Networking Academy, Cathie Brown of Build Fan Pages Fast as well as Keith Everett and Rosh Khan at Social Rank.

Please leave your comments below and let me know, have you participated in a virtual networking party yet? What are your tips and recommendations? Hope to see you soon and connect on Facebook during one of these rockin’ parties!




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