Time Management With The Action Machine

by Meg

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Time management has got to be the Achilles’ Heel of every self employed entrepreneurial type such as myself.  How many times have I found myself at the end of the day wondering what the heck I did today after chasing some keyword phrase down a dozen rabbit holes, and yes buying yet another eBook on Clickbank.  Oh the shame and embarrassment of it all.  I probably would have fired my sorry ass a couple of dozen times over the past year, if I was really my boss.

But I’ve found my salvation and I am feeling on top of the world.  Emancipation from the chains of procrastination and distraction has come in the form of a time management software program called The Action Machine v.2 .  I started using it last week and holy moly, did I get a lot done.  Here is a video showing how the thing works.


So I’m kissing procrastination goodbye and breaking up with the no goodnik once and for all.  My new hero is The Action Machine. You can check it out in way greater detail here then I can go into in this article.  If you’ve had any experiences with The Action Machine version 2 or any other time management software please leave some comments below!

The Action Machine

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