Meg McCormick

Damn It Jim, I’m A Writer!

February 26, 2012

Mrs. Ice, my 11th grade English teacher at Fountain Valley High School, told me I was a good writer.  She told me more than once, in different presentational formats.  Sometimes, she just said it to me, “Megan, you write very well.” Other times, she would relay the message on my writing, in red pencil, “Great […]

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30 Reasons To “Like” Virtual Networking On Facebook Fan Pages

July 1, 2011
Virtual Networking Online

On June 23, 2011 my two week old Facebook “Fan” Page and I attended our very first Fan Page Networking Party. We felt like the new kid at school going to a popular girl’s birthday party! Awkward yet excited! Then, a mere six days after attending and participating in the party,  I had 30 reasons […]

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