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A good part of my hard drive is cluttered with worthless PLR (Private Label Rights) trash eBooks and articles that I bought or was given.  Why have I cluttered my computer with a bunch of stuff I can’t use?  Because I thought getting all this pre-written content would help me add more content to all my niche blogs faster and easier than slogging out original content from scratch.  What happened was most of the content was fluff and so it was fairly useless.  Or the eBook would be so outdated that to update it I might as well have started from scratch!  Grrrrrhhhh (that’s me growling in frustration)

My other problem was, even if I could use any of it, I was stumbling about looking for ways to distribute it, I needed sales copy, traffic to even find what I was selling/giving away and I was just a lost little information marketing newbie!

Until I found Liz Tomey.  I call her the PLR Queen.  Once I invested in some of her training everything started coming together for me.  She is so amazingly down to earth and I knew I had found someone I could trust when I invested in one of her trainings and when I checked out in PayPal, bracing myself for the onslaught of Upsells, and…….nothing!  I just checked out.  Don’t get me wrong, upsells are tried and true, but I’m a sucker for the upsell so I have to really steel myself when I check out.  Anyway I loved that Liz was not “hyping” me to death.

So the point of this post is to introduce you to Liz Tomey.  The box below really does give you a freebie that is actually worth your time.  Yes you’ll get on Liz’s email list, not mine and yes if you do invest in her trainings or products, I’ll get a small commission.

But, affiliate marketing aside, I’m introducing my readers to Liz because she’s the real deal!  If you are serious about learning how to make some extra cash, online, right now, this year, (regardless of when you’re reading this) grab yourself a copy of Liz’s guide and take advantage of all the free stuff she teaches (her courses are worth every penny too).

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So I hope you’ll meet Liz Tomey today. Once you download the guide, stop everything and read it right now! Then post a comment and let me know what you think.

Peace and Prosperity


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  • Thanks Liz you’re a great mentor

  • Meg

    Hey thanks for the comment Liz. I wrote that post after listening to your amazing webinar training for your students on Wednesday! I’m so happy I’ve found you and am now a happy disciple!

  • Liz Tomey

    Wow… I am totally flattered!!! Thank you so much dear. If I can ever help you further please let me know.

    Liz Tomey

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