5 Writing Tips To Finish Your Writing Project

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A Girl's Gotta Write

Writing a book? Writing a screenplay? Writing a play? Writing a blog? Writing a diary? Good on ya! Writing is tough work. But you’ve got a story to tell. 

Lot’s of people start writing something, like the family history, but never get very far. I know how it is. I’ve got a hard drive full of started and abandoned writing projects.

Just recently, though, I made a breakthrough. I finished a 113 page feature length screenplay. It’s called Paradise Goat Ranch.  Yes, I did.  You can too

I did it after school and on the weekends. It didn’t take a year, or even months. From start to finish, it took me 8 weeks. I could’ve done it even faster, but I wasn’t using these 5 writing tips I’m going to share with you. Here’s what I learned. In 5 pithy tips.

1. Writers, Write

That sounds kind of obvious. My daughter doesn’t call me “Captain Obvious” because I’m a secret Pirate who swills lots of rum. I often pontificate something really obvious. But in my defense and to help you get that writing project done, I’m just gonna say…

You got to plant your ass in that (chair, bed, stool, ergonomic desk chair) and Write! Every damn day. Or, most days than not.

A Foxy Writer

When I quit farting around and made the effort to write, even just one dang sentence, every day, well, I finished a screenplay. You can too. Finish whatever it is you’re writing, that is.

2. Be God (or Goddess)

When I just let myself tell a story and not worry about the reality, legitimacy, or validity of the story, I got it told. When you write, put your “God Hat” on and create a world, some people, some talking birds, some lizards that turn into chairs or whoever shows up in your story.

Have Fun Playing God(dess)

When you don’t censor yourself, your story, you may find, like I did, that it’s really fun to make stuff up. If you’re writing something about something that’s real, just write and then check your facts and fill in your references later. It’s called editing. Big deal, everything that’s written gets edited. That’s why God (not you) created editors.

3. Make Deadlines

Find an editor, friend, teacher, mentor, coach (not a spouse or lover, that will just end badly) who will insist you give them pages every week. Give them permission to ridicule you, hit you, or otherwise shame you if you don’t turn in at least 21 pages a week.

That’s three pages a day of writing. Quit whining! I did it and so can you. This worked for me. It took eight weeks instead of six, because Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday weeks were during those eight weeks, and I still got the thing written.

All. The. Way. Done!

Pages, three a day, turn them in to someone, once a week.

4. Don’t Do The Dishes

Make your writing those three (or more, you’re allowed to write more) pages a day the all holy priority of your life. Tell whoever lives in your house with you, that if they care about clean things, like dishes or laundry, they can damn well clean stuff themselves.

Just Write Anywhere, Anytime

If you have kids, get the big ones to clean, if anyone cares. It’s good for them. They can cook too. Also good for them. Bottom line is, those people will be really proud of you when you finish the thing you’re writing. As far as chores go, they just take your maid skills for granted anyway.

If you’re a guy, you can probably embrace this tip easier than the ladies. I’m not sexist, I’ve just lived with guys. Several of them. That’s another post.

5 Write The End, First

Don’t worry about how the story comes to you. If you get the ending first, fine, just write it down. This really helped me and I got bits of the story in different order. I just kept asking, “What do they do now?” or “How will they end up doing that?” and the answers, ideas would just come. It was fun not to worry about having to know everything before I started writing.

Didn't Expect This To Show Up Here.

Creativity is not a linear experience. Ideas just come at you, all you need to do is catch them and then not be a lazy bum and write them down.

So Write, Already

Those five ideas alone helped me finish Paradise Goat Ranch. As I finish the final editing from the feedback I got at a public reading (yes, people even read it out loud and gave me feedback!) and submit it to screenplay competitions, I’ll post about those experiences too.

Happy writing and if any of these tips was helpful, don’t keep it to yourself. Share it on your social media super networks….then sign off and get to writing!

You’ve got stories to tell.



  • Mel Levine

    Like any other talent, use it or lose it. The more you practice, the better you get.

    You really nailed the basic steps to completing any project, not just writing.

    As Nike says, “Just DO it!”

  • Ha! Thx dude.

  • Whattya talkin’ about? You have a great blog! Thx Chris, miss you

  • Hey Norm, Glad you liked and thanks for reading! Miss you guys.

  • Normtucson

    Just as I suspected.  The bottom line to getting it written is to write.  Editors, peers and mentors are there to refine it.  Eliminate the self conscious part and just write.  Good advice Meg.  Thanks. 

  • Chrsmccoy

    I am not a writer and don’t aspire to be one. BUT, this sounds like good advice to me. Fun to read, too. Love your sense of humor.

  • Petah

    Just what the Doctor ordered!

  • Hey Lynn, glad you liked it and thanks for stopping by and for sharing it around! 2012 is the year of writing everyday!

  • Lash52

    Excellent and funny. This may be just what I need to get going. I will pass this on to some friends who are in various stages of thier own
     writing projects.

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