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Having a Facebook Page has now become an essential part of doing business online (and offline many Social Media experts would argue).  As a result more and more Work At Home Moms (WAHMs) are creating a Facebook "Fan" Page for their home based business.  A savvy marketing move indeed.

Once the Page is created the next and far more challenging task is to grow the number of people who "Like" your business' Page. The idea being, the more people who like my Page the more sales my business will make. Well of course!

The million dollar question then becomes, "How Do I Build A Huge Fan Base Of Targeted (people who want and need what my business makes and sells) Facebook Page Followers?

Why Doesn't Your Page Have Thousands Of Loyal Followers…Yet?

Having recently attended the Social Media Success Summit online conference hosted by the Social Media Examiner, I've learned there are several ways we can inadvertently sabotage our own efforts to grow our Facebook Page followers. Facebook FansSince then as I've been interacting with a lot of FB Pages of WAHM businesses I've observed that all the Pages were making three or more of these mistakes. Here are seven common mistakes we make on our Facebook Pages that are not helping us achieve our goals.

#7 Not Having A Clear Focus For Your Facebook Page

When I land on your Page I should be able to tell in a nanosecond what your Page is all about and how it will help me.  WAHMs who are selling products like jewelry, hair bows, kids clothes, and other products have an easier time having a clear focus than more service oriented Pages.

Whether your business is product or services oriented, you need to have your mission statement (elevator pitch) and Unique Selling Point clearly presented on your Page when someone lands there. Perfect places to have this posted is in your profile banner, in your About Box and also on your Welcome Tab.

Facebook Mission Statement

Only a little bit of content shows in your About Box so try and concisely state the problem your Page solves for your followers. Here's an example of the focus of my Page as stated in my Profile Banner and About Box.

#6 Mixing Up Business Conversations and Personal Conversations

Along the lines of not having a clear focus for your Page, mixing up personal information in your conversations on your page dilutes your business message.  If someone is following your page you want to keep your message clear and targeted to your niche because your posts are hopefully showing up on their newsfeeds.

social media marketing bullseyeYou want to get your followers in the habit of thinking of you and your Page as the "Go To Gal or Guy" for your niche.  That won't happen if some of your posts are about what kind of coffee you had that morning (unless your Page is about coffee!) and others are about your niche.

People are following your page probably because you offered them a solution to a problem they had and provided an incentive for "Liking" you on Facebook. They don't care about what you did on the weekend or what sports team you follow. If they're interested in those personal details about you, they can "Friend" you on your personal profile.

#5 Posting Too Many "Salesy" Posts

According to Mari Smith and the Social Media Examiner, two main reasons people hide your Page's posts or even "Unlike" your page is 1. you post too often and 2. your content is not relevant.

According to Don Crowther your Page posts should have a ratio of 50:1 of useful content to sales pitch.  So for every 50 pieces of useful problem solving content, you can post a sales pitch.

Also watch out for inadvertently spamming on other Page's and People's walls.  Anytime you post on a wall and you are putting up a link to something you are selling, that is going to be seen as spamming.

This is why it is important to post as your Facebook Page, because your name becomes the link to your Page, and if you are adding something of value, people will want to know more about you and click through to your Page via your name.

So how am I supposed to promote my sales and products, you might be asking?  That's an article in and of itself, but basically, have Tabs on your page for a Store, a Tab for Sales and Promotions, a Tab for Contests…etc.

#4 Not Having Content That Solves Problems For Your Audience

Content is King and Social Media Engagement is Queen when it comes to being found and ranked well in the search engines, now that social media engagement is being used as a variable to determine if your content is relevant for keyword searches.

Unless people are commenting, liking and sharing your content, your information may not even show up in their news feeds, let alone getting indexed and found on the first page of the search engines.

So how do I make compelling content if I sell little girl hair bows?  Make your content (or share other people's content) be about things the mom or grandmas (who are probably the people buying little girl hair bows) are interested in.  Like "How to Get Your Kid To Dress The Way You Want Them To" or some other clothing or grooming childhood issue!

#3 Liking The Wrong People

This is kind of like "Hanging Out With The Wrong Crowd" your mother warned you about. You'll be going nowhere fast!  In other words, if you're selling little girl hair bows, for the love of everything holy, don't have your Page "like" a bunch of other Pages of WAHMs who are selling little girl hair bows.  You want to be "liking" the Pages of WAHMs who are selling say, hair brushes, or cute outfits your bows might compliment.

These seems like common sense but almost all of the Pages I perused while preparing for this article had liked their competition.  I'm guilty of this too. In my "Likes" are other Social Media consultants and service providers.

Facebook Page Likes

But when people are on your wall do you really want them seeing the specials your competition is running and clicking through to another competitors page? I didn't think so.

#2 Not Encouraging Interaction On Your Page

Because the interaction that goes on on your Page is one of the variables Facebook  uses to determine if your content is worthy to show up in people's newsfeed (see Mistake #4), you want a lot of action on your page.  You want to encourage your followers to post comments, pictures, videos etc. You want to encourage them to share your content with their friends and followers.

Facebook Page Interaction

So make sure your settings are set so that people are allowed to do those things.  Don't worry about people spamming your Page.  For one thing, they will post random posts on your Page with shameless plugs for their affiliate products or whatever.  When that happens just politely correct them with a warning that if they do it again you'll block them from your page.

#1 Not Having Your Welcome Tab Set To Be The Default Landing Page

This is the big kahuna mistake I observed a lot of WAHMs making on their Facebook Page.  Many of the Pages I visited didn't even have a welcome tab (gasp!) and many that did, that's not where I landed when I clicked a link and landed on their Page.

Facebook Welcome Tab


Not having a Welcome Page and having it be the default landing page when someone lands on your Page for the first time is like not having a front door to your store. This is where you want to introduce the mission of your Page, offer a reason someone should like your Page and perhaps even use it as a squeeze page to build your email marketing list.

Once someone has liked your page, future visits will land them on your wall, but their first visit should be on a page where you have a call to action, primarily getting them to Like your page.

Now Go Fix Your Page

So those are seven of the mistakes you could be making that are tripping up your efforts to build your Facebook Page following.  As I was writing this I thought of several more mistakes we make as we're getting started building our Facebook Page following. We'll cover those in subsequent posts.

Here are some resources I use (yep, affiliate links!!) and find invaluable in learning how to use my Facebook Page to grow my business.

The Social Networking Academy

Chris Farrell's Membership Site

Don Crowther's Socia Profit Formula Launch Videos

Tons of free information at these excellent resources, you don't have to buy a thing!

Best of luck and visit me over at Social Media Meg and let me know if you see me committing any of these mistakes.  Also let me know about your Facebook Page and we can connect there.




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